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#DearUs, Matric 2020| A WhatsApp Exhibition Platform

In August 2020 Faye was selected as one of the five winners of the Digital Art Curator Exhibition Commission hosted by Fak'ugesi African Digital Art Innovation Festival. In her first art curatorship role Faye curated the exhibition #DearUs, Matric 2020| A WhatsApp Exhibition Platform.

#DearUs, Matric 2020 speaks to the lives of 6 South African teenagers living through a global pandemic at what should be the pinnacle of their schooling career. It centralises a moment shared by many, matriculation, while allowing the audience to identify and empathise with individual stories from the matric 2020 class using a platform that is familiar to many - WhatsApp.

These stories are collaborative creations by the students and three visual and digital artists; Mmakhotso Lamola, Kamogelo Tselane, and Barry Christianson, and six matric students; Prisca, Melody, Nathan, Lwanga, Mihlali, and Zenande.

The exhibition included studio photography, animated videos,3D spatial fabulations, and a podcast.

Below is an archive of elements, processes, and ideas from the exhibition captured here by Mmakhotso Lamola.

To learn more about #DearUs, Matric 2020 and the Fak'ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival please click here:


Cover image by Kamogelo Tselane

Promo video (At top of page) by Samora Magwa

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