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Counter Consideration

Frequency Speaks Volumes. Turn on. Tune In.

Counter Consideration was a playful audio-led storytelling experience created in collaboration with the Amsterdam based creative studio affect lab and commissioned by STRP Festival.

Invoking the spirit of the transistor radio, festival participants were invited to physically move between multiple audio channels while dropping into different sonic realities including flash fiction, vibrant soundscapes, intimate conversations and tales of techno culture.

Counter Consideration presented the work of artists Xabiso Vili (South Africa), Hakeem Adam (Ghana), Lo-Def Film Factory (South Africa), KMRU (Kenya) and Aluta Null (South Africa).

The project was born out of a curiosity for alternative narratives about our relationship with technology. Countering more dominant Western narratives of excess and techno surplus, we consider notions of radical creativity and the importance of the African oral tradition.

Counter Consideration was presented as a hybrid experience (online and onsite) at STRP Scenario #19 on April 10 2022 in Eindhoven as well as online.

It was produced under the umbrella of the Toolkit for the Inbetween, a collaborative practice-based research project exploring hybrid events in the cultural sector. 

Design and development of the online experience for Counter Consideration by Laura Seal and Aluta Null. You can re-visit the online experience via the button below.

Photo credits: STRP Scenario #19: Counter Consideration. Copyright: Studio About Today.


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